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Robyn E


True North

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Nov 2014

"Spectacular Kimberley Coast in Style"

I travelled with my partner on the True North in August 2014. Having experienced the typical big ship cruising previously, this was something much more intimate and boutique in style. Adventure luxury cruising at it's best!!! True North is considered a market leader in this field and they didn't disappoint one bit. Think fine dining with fresh local produce and fresh fish (that you caught that morning while out on the tenders). Mud crabs on the bow with a champagne in hand, watching another Kimberley sunset sink into the turquoise sea and highlighting the pindan covered cliffs in brilliant hues of red. Only 36 passengers and 20 young, fun and knowledgeable crew. They have a no shoes policy on board, I felt like I was on my own super yacht, this is definitely living. The excursions are all included and are always a learning experience, with an on board naturalist adding another dimension to the explorations they had on offer. With an on board helicopter to give you a birds eye perspective, it gives you a truly deep appreciation for the remoteness and magnificent beauty of this Jurassic like Australian coastline. We loved the heli picnic where the air-conditioned helicopter transported us all onto a waterfall and we lounged in crystal clear pools, drinking beers, wines etc. while the on board chefs cooked up a scrumptious BBQ lunch. Did I say this is living??... Don't hesitate to book this once in a lifetime experience you will not regret it. Anonymous

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  • Cruise Name: True North
  • Destination: Australia
  • Sailed: August 2014
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